Warm Fuzzies from Prodstack performance graphs


I just wanted to show a few ‘30-day’ graphs from grafana that show how Prodstack is enjoying 2.5.1.

There were 2 major changes in the last month. One was setting the mongo-memory-profile, and the other was upgrading to Juju 2.5.1. Can you guess when those things happened?

As a reference, point, this is an earlier graph from when they were running Juju 2.4 (AIUI):

There are other graphs that are potentially interesting (API Calls/second, number of goroutines, etc). But I think you can see the general trend that since they upgraded to 2.5.1 the system has become very stable for several weeks.

I realize that not everyone has been looking at these graphs as much as some of us. But ultimately that shows all the hard work that went into 2.5 finally paying off. I’m very much looking forward to when we get the final patches for raft leases (and status) landed and released and prodstack can make full use of all the work we put into it.


Awesome, thanks for the reminder about how far it’s come John. Great stuff team!


Glad to see progress in your work!