Upgrade charm MySQL


I’ve seen on Juju store that there are old version of same charms, ex. MySql, that we can not use on Bionic.
But there is a way to take that , modify and use them on a bionic image?



Yep, if you look at the homepage/bugs-url for the charm you can see the charm is located at:

If you want to do a PR against that repo we can get updates made and look to get them landed into the charmstore.


ok perfect. But I’ve noted that is not present on some charms for ex wordpress is blocked on trusty. It has not any homepage/bugs-url present


Yes, those are old charms and will be hidden from view soon. The objective there would be to use the charm command to “charm pull” the actual zip, put them into a git repo that folks could work against, and upload them under a namespace. If things go well and the charm is working we can look to migrate to the “maintained” version of the charm going forward. We love to see them get folks that are invested in their care and feeding going forward.