Unable to deploy a charm locally



I’m using Juju latest version (2.6.3) and i have created a local charm that will install a jar file locally. I run Charm build successfully and charm proof has no errors. but I tried to deploy the charm on my local and it’s giving me an error below :

ERROR charm or bundle at “/home/duaa/Documents/charmsTest” not found

please note my charm called " firstcharm " in my “charmsTest” directory.

commands I have used to deploy are :

juju deploy --repository ~/charmsTest local:trusty/firstcharm

juju deploy ~/Documents/charmsTest --series trusty/firstcharm

juju deploy charmsTest

and Charm show doesn’t show any charms already " ERROR no charm or bundle id specified" also here’s a juju status snapshot :

Please advice on what’s the issue ? have I missed any step ?
Thanks you