Promulgation request for cs:~knobby/nfs-4


I tried to use the existing promulgated NFS charm and it didn’t work. The NFS server has been changed to require an export before starting and the charm relies on using exportfs to manually create run-time exports. This also has the unfortunate issue of not surviving reboots.

I rewrote the charm[1] and updated it to use trusty, xenial, and bionic. It is also reactive now. I would like to promulgate this charm as a replacement for the one that is there now that no longer works properly. I’d also like to move ownership to some group, but I’m not sure what group would own such a thing. I’m not entirely looking to toss it over the wall as much as allow others to contribute.



Promulgation has to take place from a charm that exists. If we want it grouped owned it has to be pushed into that group. What most folks do is create a team in launchpad that’s $charm-charmers. So in this case it might be nfs-charmers. Once the group exists you can add others that can help out and perform charm push’s to that namespace.

Once the charm is in that namespace, if everything checks out ok, then we can look at promulgation. In this way, updates to the team can be moved into the promulgated space when updates to the stable channel are made.


I believe I have all this setup. The charm is now in cs:~nfs-charmers/nfs-2

I forgot to mention before that the code lives in now. Should I move this to launchpad?

Thanks for the help,


Nope, no need to move the code to launchpad. You’ll find that there’s config you can set on the charm to set a bugs-url and a homepage attribute.


You can set the bugs-url to the GH issues url and the homepage to the GH project page so that users can get links to there and are able to find the best place to participate in the future.


I’ve been linked to that doc twice now and it seems very sparse. After doing this once I think I finally understand what is going on, but is there a way to update that doc? Has it been moved to the discourse yet?

Anyway, I’ve added a homepage and a bugs-url to the charm and I ran through the steps in that doc and things seem ok to me. Anything else?

Thanks again for your help and time,


Apologies on the doc. We’re still working on the tool to help migrate docs into discourse where they can be live updated here.

Let me see if @cory_fu or @kwmonroe can look into the promulgation steps.

Thanks for updating things!


@knobby Until the live editing stuff is up and running any changes can be made to the docs repository:


Thanks, @hatch. I submitted a PR to try and add some content and hopefully make the page clearer.


cs:~nfs-charmers/nfs has been promulgated to cs:nfs