OpenStack juju spaces


Hello all,
Currently having an issue with Juju spaces and OpenStack from reading documentation this should be working but when trying to build from the openstack.yaml file the nodes them self get IP addressing but the containers don’t. Spaces are shown below with one of the nodes networking, each node is set up the same.

When deploying Ubuntu 18.04 and looking at the ifconfig everything works fine with each node being able to ping each other. The link below to the build script any help would be greatly appreciated as this been killing me now for the past couple of days.

Space             Subnets


Hey, sorry to hear that you’re stuck. I didn’t do a deep dive in the bundle but a couple of questions. Is the network setup in MAAS the same for all the machines? Any reason you have static assignment there? Could you dump the juju status and the actual juju logs from /var/log/ on the node? It usually gives a hint at why it’s not managing to do the things you want. Also, please post the versions of MAAS and Juju.

P.S. If you aren’t already, I suggest deploying with a super stripped down bundle with just one application on one machine so you can speed up the debugging.

P.P.S I see there are some space constraints defined in the bundle on line 48, but don’t see them used anywhere. Is that intended?


Sorry I’m out of office now, I have to get the logs on Monday but the static ip addressing was from just knowing what each server is and line 48 not too sure think was going to be used clean up the network more.