New Member of the Juju Core Team - Tim McNamara


Hello everyone :wave: ,

My name’s Tim McNamara. I joined Canonical this week as part of Juju’s core team. I landed my first PR yesterday. :sunny:

I have a background within scientific computing & data science, primarily using the Python scientific stack. I’ve recently been a data science consultant with lots of data engineering responsibilities, but also have experience with an HPC environment. Hopefully you’ll bear with me while I learn Go idioms… GOPATH is an interesting design decision :wink: Let me know if you would like a primer on machine learning & AI at any stage!

You can generally find me online as timClicks (e.g. Twitter & IRC). My website is I’m based in New Zealand :new_zealand: , which is currently UTC+1300, or UTC+1200 outside of daylight savings time.

Outside of Juju, I am the organiser of the nascent local Rust :crab: meetup, as well as being the author of Rust in Action, published by Manning. The book aims to demystify systems programming while teaching Rust. Each chapter is a worked example. So far, the book includes a CPU emulator, an NTP client and an implementation of a fixed-point numeric type.

Delighted to be part of the project. Do feel free to ping me via whichever channel you prefer at any stage!

Juju Show #43 - Nov 28th 18:00 UTC

Welcome to Juju Tim! Can’t wait to work together.


Welcome Tim. Glad to have you onboard. Landing a branch on your 2nd day, getting stuck right into the thick of things helping get 2.5 beta1 out the door - nothing like being thrown in the deep end :slight_smile:


Welcome, Tim! Good to have you on the team.