New docs page in and redirects from


Hello everyone,

After the release of (btw, check out the new visual design, inline with the new ‘Suru’ branding and Vanilla 2.0), the Web-team worked on migrating the documentation from to the new
The new Juju docs page is now aligned to the other docs sections across Canonical products, and moved to the main website navigation without using a separate subdomain url.

Please let us know if you notice any issue or non-working redirects, you can file bugs at / or reach out to us here in Discourse or #juju IRC channel.


Nice, good lookin docs ya got there.

Documentation in Discourse now synchronised to web

The link from your product navbar and Docs and Install Juju links in the footer still points to

Why point folks to Ask Ubuntu when you have the Discourse forum?

What is the status on renaming this Discourse forum to something more sensible as discussed here? Documentation in Discourse now synchronised to web

P.S. Y’all need some more SEO. Java Authentication and Authorization Service is still dominating the Google results.


Hi @szeestraten thank you for your feedback, I opened issues based on your points.
About Discourse I replied in that discussion, while the SEO situation should improve after a few days once Google indexes the new docs urls.