Documentation in Discourse now synchronised to web


As a follow up to my post entitled Documentation migrated to Discourse another phase is now complete. Updates to initial topic posts in the Docs category are now published, pretty much instantaneously, on the documentation web site: :man_cartwheeling: The home page and the commands page are treated separately.

At the top of there are links to both the documentation web site (redundant?) and Discourse:


At the bottom of each documentation web page there is a blurb pointing readers to the corresponding Discourse topic if they wish to improve upon it:



Just a thought: is “Discourse” the best name for that link? I’m not sure if many people know what Discourse is. Maybe just “Forum” or “Community” or something?

New docs page in and redirects from

Agree. I also think that the subdomain should be changed too to reflect that purpose rather than be the name of the tool.


Yes, I agree. That’s what the Snapcraft site does as well.


You mean replace


I suspect he means using instead of, which I support too.


Ah ok. Yes, I agree as well. Possibly use the term “forum” instead of “discourse” everywhere.


Yes that is what I meant. Thanks @merlijn-sebrechts


Unfortunately just now we have been told that we need to keep the moniker discourse. While I’m not overly fond of it, it is what we have just now.


Hello, the web-team is moving subdomains to the main domains and navigation across products and websites. E.g. the recent move (see here) from to will move as well.
About ‘Discourse’ as a name, that is also something that will need to work across websites and products to be consistent everywhere.