New 2.6 feature: Model migration enhancements


In Juju v.2.6.0, there are enhancements for model migrations.

  • When a model is migrated to another controller and a user (who had been previously granted access to the model) attempts to access it through the controller it was previously hosted on, they will get back an error with advisory information on how to access the model on its new location.

    • if the new location is an already known controller, the user will be guided to connect to it using the standard method (juju switch -c <controller-name>).
    • if the new location is not a known controller, the user will be shown a fingerprint for the new controller’s CA certificate and asked to log in to it (juju login <IP address>:<port>). Upon running the login command, the client will display the server’s CA fingerprint and ask the user to trust it before the login attempt can proceed.
  • When a model is attempted to be migrated to a controller that is missing some of the users that have been granted access to the model then the migration will be safely aborted. The operator will be guided on next steps (either remove the model users or add the users to the controller).