Network Spaces support for OpenStack


We are using Juju with a private OpenStack cloud (of course also deployed through Juju) and have succesfully deployed a controller in this private cloud and are able to deploy machines and applications in the private cloud as OpenStack instances that are created automatically by Juju.

However, some of the applications we want to deploy need to have different networks for different functions, hence, we need to configure network spaces in the model and use bindings in the deployment bundle. However, the juju add-space <name> and juju list-spaces commands, as well as actually trying to deploy a bundle with network-bindings, confirm the note in the docs of Juju 2.4 that network spaces are not yet supported for OpenStack. Given that Juju’s definitions of subnets, spaces and zones look identical to OpenStack’s availability zones, networks and subnets, this intuitively feels like an integration that should exist.

Are there already concrete plans to integrate Juju network spaces with OpenStack?
Is there an alpha/beta/testing release we could help test and verify?
Can we help in any other way to get this integration forward?


Right now each Model can take a network-id to work in, but we don’t have advanced support for either spanning networks in a model or carving out subnets into separate spaces within a network.