MAINTENANCE COMPLETED: JAAS AWS us-east-1 controller downtime @ 2018-12-05 00:30 UTC


At approximately 2018-12-05 00:00 UTC I’ll be taking the JAAS controller in AWS us-east-1 down for maintenance. I attempted to do the work online. but the controller is sufficiently busy that this was not possible.

Currently I estimate that the maintenance will take a total of three hours, in two phases. After the first phase is complete I’ll have a pretty good idea how long the second phase will take, and I’ll update this topic with a revised estimate.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


I’m delaying the start of this maintenance while I try one final time to perform it online. Fingers crossed!


No joy! Downtime begins now.


And done. I’ve started the controllers back up and your Juju agents should reconnect soon and resume normal operation.