Loadbalancer to kubernetes-core



Someone was able to add the loadbalancer for the 2 workers in the kubernetes-core changing the charm?


I’m not entirely sure what the question is here, but I’ve made good use of MetalLB with CDK to provide Loadbalancing services.


I mean if someone add loadbalancer using juju charm example juju add-unit haproxy etc…


It’s possible to configure a load balancer manually, but you may wish to consider deploying the charmed-kubernetes bundle, that includes pre-configured load balancing for you.

The charms that you want to look at is kubeapi-load-balancer and potentially its subordinate hacluster. Deploying and relating them should do what you want.

Let us know if you would like more specific instructions!


Hello @timClicks
Yesterday night I deployed canonical-kubernetrs I saw that load balancer relation on top of master and worker.
But what actually I’d like to try is to modify the kubernetes core charm to add the LB service.
I’ll try in the next few days. If you have advise about relationships let me know.
Fabrizio Cardarello.