Jujucharms not working


Hi, I cannot import any charm from the store from yesterday, is it only me? When I browse the store and click on “add to model” I receive an error saying “Unable to fetch entity: no entity data returned, can you access the charmstore?”

Is it general?



There has been some downtime to the charmstore today unfortunately. I believe that this has been resolved.


it doesn’t work for me yet… :frowning:


@jorgerodriguezing is it back working for you? If not, how are you accessing the charmstore?

There was a recent change to the charmstore no longer supporting requests that include requests for revision-info. So if you’re using a library that has that in the request you will not be able to get a response. The jaaslib javascript library has been updated to this change but I’m not aware of the status to the python lib.


Hi Jorge!

I solved the problem in my Juju Controller, doing this:

juju ssh -m controller 0
ubuntu@juju-controller:~$ sudo su
# cd /var/lib/juju/gui/f98f377d076dda630d80edc37f6fb6c475cac7f65d1dde4b525128d575db1192/static/gui/build/app/

** Note that the looong characters folder name maybe change on your controller.

# cp init-pkg-min.js init-pkg-min.backup
# vi init-pkg-min.js

Inside vim, search using slash /&include=revision-info

It will find some text like this:


delete only: "&include=revision-info"

save it using :wq! or :x

Like it said hatch, the Juju GUI goes to api.jujucharms.com, and uses the parameter revision-info, something like this:


And the API server responses an a ugly 403 - Forbidden.

If you remove the &include=revision-info the API server return the JSON content correctly.

Sorry for my bad english, i hope that this can help you.


Confirmed still broken.

Confirmed @aprendizdepadawan work around