Juju with docker



One question:
I have a juju machine with docker container. inside the machine I have another application container(which is created from dockerfile).
I have another juju machine with an application. now, I want to make a relation between this two application.

Keep it mind, one application is inside the juju machine then docker container.
Is it possible? I saw something about layer but not getting how to make a relation.


Juju can only relate to things it knows about. If a charm is deployed and part of the hooks are bringing up a Docker container you’d need the outer charm to basically proxy info in for managing the docker container. The main charm might relate to other applications and be able to then feed that information in but it really depends on what you’re looking to do.

The better path might be to look into the k8s charms and see if you can leverage that for the actual workload perhaps?



Thanks for your reply… I already solved this one :slight_smile:

I created another issue regarding juju in offline. Could you please check my that issue?? I don’t think so metadata is created in offline!!


Sure thing, link me up and I’ll be happy to take a peek at it.


This one… when I tried to validate meta data it is showing an error regarding uuid is not available. if you need more info I can provide… thank you so much :slight_smile: