Juju GUI 2.13.2 Released


Juju GUI 2.13.2 Released

The JAAS team is proud to announce the latest release of the Juju GUI.

As this is the first post of it’s kind I’m going to outline the changes since the latest minor version change.
The GUI uses semver versioning and its changelog format is based on Keep a Changelog

[2.13.2] - 2018-08-7



  • Removed syntax highlighting in readme files. We found that only a very few number of charms were using the complex syntax highlighting in their readme files and to support this feature increased the size of the GUI substantially. In the future we expect to be adding a simplified version of syntax highlighting back in. We welcome any feedback on this change.


  • Errors experienced during destroying models are now surfaced to the user.
  • Modifying the Kubernetes bundles pre-deploy no longer prevent it from adding machines on deploy.

[2.13.1] - 2018-06-27


  • JAASlib was updated to 0.4.0.


  • Removed test files from dist.

[2.13.0] - 2018-06-21


  • Initial work on bundle grouping post deployment has been started. This is still very early in development but if you have ideas on how you might like multiple bundles deployed to the same model emphasized please let us know.
  • SSH-to-machine, tail logs, debug hooks, buttons which interact directly with the shell have been added behind a flag.



  • Will no longer show SSO login option if it’s not available.
  • Route parsing is less restrictive allowing direct access to more entities via url.

How to upgrade


JAAS users have already been automatically upgraded to this version.

Self-managed controller

Have an administrator run: juju upgrade-gui.

While we always recommend staying up to date with the GUI releases, if you’re interested in running a different version you can download the dists then run juju upgrade-gui /path/to/dist

How to contribute

Thank you from the JAAS team!