JuJu Authentication Issue


I seem to be having an authentication issue. Can anyone assist?

{"message":"cannot add user: duplicate username or external_id","code":"already exists"}


I’ve the same issue, when I create a new one and then I remove it I can’t use the same username.


Due to the desire that you can audit who did what we don’t allow duplicate accounts in Juju controllers. Having those reused could make an audit trail impossible to follow in any sort of incident that’s being investigated.


I renamed my account to something very random, and it still wouldn’t let me login.


Can you clarify what you’re logging into? Is this a controller you bootstrapped to some provider? What version of Juju? How did you “rename” the account?


I’m trying to access https://jujucharms.com/login/ via the browser.

I get presented with a login window, which forwards me to my Ubuntu One SSO account.

Normally, it allows me to login and I get edit the charms/bundles, etc. However, I changed my username on Ubuntu One.

Now, I get this error:
{“message”:“cannot add user: duplicate username or external_id”,“code”:“already exists”}

When I go back to Ubuntu One and change my account back to the original, it still throws the error.

If I change the account name to something very random and attempt login again, it still fails with the same error.


Ah, that’s a known issue with jujucharms.com and changing names in the ubuntu SSO setup. @martin-hilton might be able to offer a path forward/assist. The shortcut path is to change the name back to what you started with, but I don’t know the history of the change.


Okay, any help would be appreciated. Ideally I’d like to change the account name since my old one is dumb lol


Changing the username back should give you access to your charms once more. Unfortunately because your username is part of the charm name we don’t really support changing it, because doing so would mean losing access to the namespace.

We can manually change your username for you, please let me know your old and new usernames and I can get the change made.

We don’t currently have a way to migrate charms and bundles between user namespaces, although it is theoretically possible. If you still have access to the charms it might be worth making a launchpad team that you can make your user a member of and can share the charms/bundles with. That will allow you to keep access.


Thank you for the feedback. I’ll revert to my old username and backup my charms out-of-band as necessary.