Jenkins charm fully borked


Hitting this

Just trying to get some eyeballs on this as the charm is fully unusable in this state.



Spinning up a jenkins box, seems the bug(s) above are still relevant.

This is what I get:

$ juju add-model jenkins-test aws/us-west-2 --credential jamesbeedy-pdl
Uploading credential 'aws/bdx/jamesbeedy-pdl' to controller
Added 'jenkins-test' model on aws/us-west-2 with credential 'jamesbeedy-pdl' for user 'bdx'

$ juju add-space nat
added space "nat" with subnets

$ juju deploy jenkins --constraints "spaces=nat root-disk=20G instance-type=m3.large"
Located charm "cs:jenkins-13".
Deploying charm "cs:jenkins-13".