Highlighting some important Juju workloads


Juju can be used to deploy and manage any networked service, whether that service is delivered from bare metal hardware, containers or virtual machines.

Here is a small sample of workloads that are available to be deployed and managed with Juju:


Deploying a production-grade Kubernetes cluster involves knitting together dozens of applications and perhaps hundreds of configuration options. With Juju, this can be reduced to a single command. Each application negotiates its configuration with its peers, facilitated by Juju relations.

Enabled by Juju: Charmed Kubernetes by Canonical


Data scientists want to work with the data, not worry about the command line or clicking around in a cloud console. If you are interested in creating an analytics capability, consider using Juju to get your team up and running. Kubeflow charms make TensorFlow and PyTorch accessible from Jupyterhub notebooks on any cloud.

Enabled by Juju: Kubeflow on Ubuntu


OpenStack is the leader for enterprises deploying their own private cloud. But tweaking every knob and keeping abreast of all the changes can be challenging. Juju enables organisations worldwide to enjoy the benefits of a high-density private cloud built on open source technologies without the hassle.

Example product: Private Cloud Build by Canonical

Canonical Logo

Canonical is the leading provider of managed OpenStack. We also provide enterprise support, training, consulting, and will help you design and deliver your new private cloud.

Managed OpenStack from Canonical

Big data and data science: deploy Apache Druid, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop and more

Running Apache Spark on your own hardware allows processing to be co-located with the data. But an optimized Apache Spark deployment takes care. Misconfiguring the JVM on one of the nodes can wreak havoc on the whole cluster’s throughput. Your data scientists and analysts want to extract maximum performance out of any learning task.

Enabled by Juju: Anssr Data Platform by Spicule

Anssr Analytics is a high-performance data store that lets you stream, explore and analyse all your big data in one place and in real time, powered by Apache Druid. This means you can spot anomalies and respond to changes as soon as they occur. It can be scaled up or down depending upon demand – keeping you in complete control of your budget - and deployed on the public cloud, private cloud or your own physical infrastructure.

Full text search and logging analytics: deploy the ELK stack

Elastic Search is a key component of many backends. Low-latency search with high-throughput indexing is difficult to achieve at scale, yet essential for keeping users satisfied. Make misconfiguration impossible with Juju.

Enabled by Juju: ELK Core Bundle by Omnivector Solutions

Omnivector Solutions

The ELK core bundle provides full text search over log files distributed throughout your infrastructure. Logstash send logs from across your infrastructure to a central Elasticsearch instance, while Kibana provides the front-end and analytics capabilities.

Elastic Search from Omnivector Solutions

Open Source Mano

Open Source Mano (OSM) is a framework for delivering virtualized network functions (VNFs) to customers within the telecommunications industry. Telecoms leverage Juju to deploy and manage OSM, making it simpler to integrate this complex suite of applications into any cloud, including their pre-existing hardware.

Enabled by Juju: Charmed OSM