Good write up on code review tips


I know sometimes in the hustle/bustle of things it’s easy to hit a code review you’ve been asked to do and try to crank through it. Given that we’re all remote sometimes it’s important to make sure our written communication is a bit more thoughtful than it would need to be in other settings so I always like it when folks write out solid posts on keeping that in mind during code reviews.

Give it a read and think if you’ve got any tips and practices you like to use when you’re doing code reviews to help keep things on the positive and constructive path.


I appreciate your pointing this out :clap:, @rick_h. This post will really take off soon! :rocket:

Joking aside, I think it is extremely important to remember that the person reading your words are not you and don’t have the context, mood, or facial expressions you would use if you said these things. I was lucky enough to be in a conference room with Gustavo recently where he was talking about this exact thing. It was eye-opening to really think about word choice and see how it could impact the perception of the text and he had some great thoughts on how to word things well.

Writing quality code reviews is truly an art form and it is hard to ensure that you get your point across without inadvertently appearing to condescend or order someone around.