Getting communities involved


Here’s a thought…

For example, we want communities to take on Charms and maintain them as part of the release process. Bigtop, Kafka, Druid etc it’d be cool if they got picked up and worked into the build chain, not just the charms accepted and ignored.

So a couple of things crop into my head.

a) CI/CD integration with the Charm store is still iffy. What can we do to make it easier for teams to push charms/releases? Maybe it is easier these days and I’ve missed something but Macaroons I suspect are still a PITA.

b) Another idea that springs to mind that is above my pay grade but might be worth mulling over, the ASF Jenkins has a whole bunch of dedicated build resource for Beam, Cassandra etc sponsored by certain companies specifically for building and testing respective
Apache projects. Has Canonical considered offering up some build/test resource that would allow Open Source teams stewarded by foundations (the ASF just being one) that would allow these teams to use it to build Charms, test Kubernetes charms etc without them having to find their own build and test resource?

I dunno how it would be received but it might be worth considering to gain better community engagement, after all I suspect a lot the adoption isn’t the users, it’s getting regular releases and new software available, and the above makes life easier for release managers and developers wanting to give their software a platform.


Excellent thoughts and totally viable. What Juju really need now is the community boost.

It relates to this discussion

I will help in any way possible.

ApacheCon 2019 Presentations - Getting communities to own their releases

We have the (incompletely documented) Launchpad Builders. Here is a post that describes their use with snaps, I wonder if I could see if it’s possible to build charms also.

Canonical does have an internal “Jenkins as a Service” service for its own product teams. It’s somewhat immature at this stage though I believe. I don’t know if it could be tweaked to allow users outside of the VPN. However, this would indeed be a very positive step forward. Without charms, Juju is a very impressive piece of software that can’t do much.