Doc updates


The latest significant doc updates are summarised below. Feedback welcome. As usual, don’t hesitate to file a documentation issue if you find something is missing or is incorrect.

Over the last 30 days,


This is a significant improvment @pmatulis. Great work!

However, I would highlight the problem that there are now two places/methods that seems to be competing over where at least tutorials are located.

  1. As per suggested by @rick_h - to gather tutorials here at Discourse - which I have opt:ed for.
  2. As per @pmatulis have added - here:

This generates a few community related problems.

Problem 1: Community members will have a hard time finding good, quality educational material - such as - updated and working tutorials - since the documentation is not referencing all tutorials available.
Problem 2: Community members will have difficulty clearning how to contribute to finding problems, file errors in the documentation and how to fix them - since there are at least two ways of doing so.

I’m suggesting a consolidation effort is made of these tutorial sources to help building a thriving community around juju.

What are your thought on this?


@erik-lonroth, thank you for the compliment! :yellow_heart:

As for your two points, soon the documentation will all be entered via Discourse and published on the Docs website automatically. So it will be just a matter of editing the central ‘Tutorials’ page to include new tutorials in the list.

The documentation pages are actually currently in the Docs-import category. We’re in a QA process at this time.