Debugging in an IDE?


Hey folks!

Does anyone have insight on debugging within an IDE? I’m somwehat naive when it comes to doing this, but have done so successfully with other environments by providing python modules and so on to the debug configuration.

I’m using vscode, but I find most envs can be setup in a similar fashion to hook into an environment’s execution stack, variable states and so on. I’m using regular debug-hooks and charm.reactive right now and whilst it does work great it’s a little unwieldy to switch back and forth tracing through what’s going on - especially when I’m confined to a single screen on my laptop (which is not your fault of course).

Juju Show #43 - Nov 28th 18:00 UTC

@seffyroff though not an ide … some type of terminal multiplexer might do wonders for you …

tmux for example can facilitate multiple persistent terminal sessions


Yep, I’m looking at a very similar layout right now actually, whilst debugging the hooks of your layer-maas :slight_smile: