Creating a private charm


Hello ,

I’m trying to create my first charm but I have noticed if I deployed it to my cloud it will be available in Charm store as well and it will be accessible for everyone ! please correct me if my understating is wrong.

And , what’s the way of creating a private charm which’s only accessible by my team.


Howdy, you can definitely have a charm that is in the store that is not visible to everyone.

In there you can find references to the ACL and permissions available. There’s a global “everyone” that means it’s public. However, you can push to a team namespace and folks can leverage that as the charm url to get access to the charm.

The key thing to note is that this means that anywhere you deploy the charm you’ll need to be able to authenticate, via the charm login command before you attempt to deploy so that the checks around “may you access this” can go through and pass.



@daldrees if you have an Ubuntu Advantage subscription, there is a good article in the knowledge base:

I’ll talk to some of my colleages at Canonical about seeing whether that article can be published more widely.