Bundles now supported!


Juju 2.5 beta1 due out real soon now will support Kubernetes bundles. This includes:

  • deployment
  • export-bundle
  • diff-bundle

The feature landed in commit e204449 so you can also grab it early from the corresponding 2.5 edge snap once that builds.

A Kubernetes bundle is similar to a cloud bundle except for a few key differences:

  • bundle keyword is set to kubernetes (this is what denotes the bundle as a Kubernetes one)
  • use scale instead of num_units
  • use placement instead of to (placement is a set of key/value pairs used as a node selector)

A small example to get started:

bundle: kubernetes
    charm: cs:~wallyworld/mariadb-k8s
    scale: 2
    constraints: mem=1G
        dataset-size: 70%
      database: 20M,mariadb-pv
    charm: cs:~wallyworld/gitlab-k8s
    placement: foo=bar
    scale: 1
  - - gitlab:mysql
    - mariadb:server

The Juju Show #42 - 18:00UTC - Nov 14th

Haven’t tried it yet but this is great news, thanks Ian!

Juju 2.5.0 Beta 1 Release Notes