What's new in Juju k8s for 2.7


With the Juju 2.7 release just around the corner, here’s a summary of the new features and improvements to look forward to. A number of these have already landed in the earlier beta and edge snaps.

The new features include:

  • Actions now available in charms
  • Support for juju-run added (to allow workloads to self-report their status)
  • Additional capabilities available to workloads, including secrets
  • Support for custom resources
  • Persistent volume improvements
  • Bind addresses added to network-get hook tool
  • Introspect agents
  • Workload permissions and capabilities via roles and role bindings
  • Bootstrap to clusters with RBAC enabled
  • Better support for working with bare metal k8s clusters
  • Configuration of the controller service when bootstrapping to the cluster

For all the juicy details, please see New Features and Changes in Juju 2.7