Upgrading k8s model fails: `provider.kubernetesEnvironProvider not valid`


Hi all

I’m having an issue trying to upgrade a 2.5.0 k8s model to 2.5.4. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

merlijn@travers:~$ juju upgrade-juju
ERROR cloud environ provider provider.kubernetesEnvironProvider not valid

merlijn@travers:~$ juju --version

merlijn@travers:~$ juju status
Model     Controller     Cloud/Region  Version  SLA          Timestamp
k8s-test  vmware-main-2  testcluster   2.5.0    unsupported  16:56:08+02:00

Model "msebrec/k8s-test" is empty.

merlijn@travers:~$ juju status -m admin/controller
Model       Controller     Cloud/Region   Version  SLA          Timestamp
controller  vmware-main-2  vmware1/ILABT  2.5.4    unsupported  16:58:07+02:00


Upgrading k8s models is not supported in juju 2.5.

We’re looking to get this done for Juju 2.6 due out in May.

There will be 2 commands:
juju upgrade-controller
juju upgrade-model

As with Juju on machine clouds, you will need to upgrade the controller first, and then any models.
juju upgrade-juju -m <model> still works, but it’s much easier to think about things in terms of upgrading the controller or a specific model.



upgrade-controller and upgrade-model indeed makes more sense.