Updating promulgation for Canonical charms

We are updating the name-spacing for several charms maintained by Canonical. Currently, the majority of our charms have their own -charmers group. I’ll be moving a set of charms into new namespaces this week, and eventually, we’ll want to update the promulgation for all of them.

In the meantime, we’ve already moved the canonical-livepatch charm as a test to make sure there are no complications. I’m requesting to change the promulgation for cs:canonical-livepatch switch from cs:~livepatch-charmers/canonical-livepatch to cs:~llama-charmers/canonical-livepatch (the owner has already been changed on Launchpad).


Any update here? We’re still waiting to do a test with this charm after the promulgation has been changed, before we request the rest of our list.

Apologies, this fell through the cracks. I’ve made the change over. Please let me know if you hit any issues.