[Tutorial] Bare metal to Kubernetes-as-a-Service


This comprehensive, two part tutorial from 2stacks.net covers lots of ground. By the end, you will have an OpenStack instance that can spin up Kubernetes clusters on demand.

For all of the gains made by Kubernetes, as it relates to managing applications, there is a general consensus that deploying and managing Kubernetes itself is hard. To address this problem, all of the major public cloud companies (Google GKE, Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, etc.) are now offering Kubernetes-as-a-Service. Similar to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) these offerings promise to abstract the functionality of Kubernetes from the underlying physical resources, tooling and expertise needed to support it. If your organization is leveraging public cloud services then problem solved. But what about organizations in search of private cloud Kubernetes offerings? Although there are a growing number of options available in this space (OpenShift, Rancher, PKS, Platform9 etc.) the degree to which they make Kubernetes “easy” is still relative.