Specify gateway for multiple spaces


I am trying to deploy a container with multiple interfaces connected to 2 separate spaces. My cloud is a MAAS cloud and the host machine has been configured correctly with both spaces and the correct gateway. When I deploy an application to that machine with 2 spaces such as:

juju deploy mysql --to lxd:0 --constraints “spaces=a,b” --series xenial

The container is built correctly but the default gateway is set to the first gateway MAAS returns (https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/develop/cloudconfig/cloudinit/network_ubuntu.go#L227). Is there any way for me to specify use the default gateway from space b?


I’ve heard rumor there will be support for multi-gateway networking in future releases of MAAS.


This was talked about during a recent sprint and I know we’ll be looking to make sure Juju supports what they do there.