[SOLVED] What are the requirements for this openstack-integrator charm?


Hello folks,

I stumbled upon this openstack integrations charm and have it deployed but it just makes me sad.

I’m running Openstack Stein I believe and the latest CDK.

The example for the cinder storage stuff says:
Warning ProvisioningFailed 14s (x22 over 4m50s) persistentvolume-controller storageclass.storage.k8s.io "cinder" not found

and the load balancer stuff is no happier. What have I missed?


Similarly the loadbalancer says:

Warning SyncLoadBalancerFailed 5s service-controller Error syncing load balancer: failed to ensure load balancer: error creating LB floatingip {Description: FloatingNetworkID:37e88faf-3c1f-4356-b937-8c9f4f8a853d FloatingIP: PortID:51aed67d-00d3-4762-8b06-1839070c5e3f FixedIP: SubnetID: TenantID: ProjectID:}: Resource not found

I see the code for that charm’s not been updated in 6 months, is it still how you do things? or have I stumbled upon legacy stuff again?


So https://ubuntu.com/kubernetes/docs/openstack-integration here there’s no block saying create a storage class.

https://jaas.ai/u/containers/openstack-integrator/16 here suggests you should create a storage class… so I don’t know which is correct, but the docs don’t align.

And I’ve not a clue whats up with the loadbalancer, I’ve probably not setup something, but it doesn’t tell me what, I’m just trying to create an oldstyle Nova Loadbalancer setup


Okay, so the LB seemed to be caused by the misconfiguration in my charm network config so it couldn’t allocate the floating IP to the loadbalancer. I’ve also enabled the LB panel in horizon which is disabled by default to make it easier to see.


For the storage pool, the docs on the charm readme are more current and you need to create a valid storageclass.


Awesome, glad you got it going. Please file an issue for anything the charm can do to help with that. Maybe in status messaging or in the readme updates.


Ironically, I can’t submit a bug, because the submit a bug link takes me to the github project which has issues disabled…


Ah, the bugs were moved to https://bugs.launchpad.net/charm-openstack-integrator a little while back and the charm store metadata wasn’t updated. I’ve corrected that now for all of the integrator charms.


https://github.com/charmed-kubernetes/cdk-addons/pull/108 and it’s associated charm code was intended to have gone out with the last release, but unfortunately was missed. Doubly unfortunate is that the docs for that change were released, meaning there’s now a disconnect. We’re in the process of getting the docs fixed in a way that will allow them to update appropriately with the next release.

Apologies for the confusion.