Small k8s (not kubernetes-core)



For development purposes, I have deployed the canonical-kubernetes bundle on my private MaaS cloud.

I must have made some network setup mistake, since I am not able to deploy any of the core-* bundles while the full 10 machines bundle works as designed. My question is: since I do not need HA, can I just remove units etcd/1, etc/2 and kubernetes-master/1 after deployment?

Of course I’d like to fix the core-* issue when I have more time. I tried some different setup but lxc containers receive the wrong network, or DNS is not working on the host, etc. I have a smaller MaaS cloud with a single network where core-* works.


The Juju Show #46 - Machine Learning with Kubeflow March 27th 15:00UTC

I’ll let the @tvansteenburgh and the k8s folks speak directly to how things will perform in a smaller setup but I did want to highlight that microk8s is a great way to do the development side on a local machine or you could set it up on a single node MAAS node if you wanted something that didn’t monkey with your development machine.

Let me know if that might be useful for you.


Thanks for the hint.
In my use case, I need multiple workers with persistent storage, monitoring stack and possibly a full set of APIs with a configuration as close as possible to production. But since the load is not very high, I though of limiting the resource waste.
I am not at all worried about performance, just wondering about the resilience when I scale etcd and masters down to 1.


For development purposes, yes, scaling everything down to 1 unit will be fine.