[seeking interest] Juju community event, March 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Hi all,

The Juju core team are considering the feasibility of holding an event around the first week of March 2020. Is this something that you would be interested in participating in? We plan to model the event around the very successful “Ubuntu Masters” even that was recently held in the USA:

We haven’t settled on the name. An idea to start us talking: “Charmed Operations Summit”

The bulk of the sessions will be from Juju community members and users. If there is sufficient interest, I expect that we will have sessions on the following topics:

  • using Juju in production
  • writing k8s charms
  • discipline-specific communities: data processing, analytics, HPC, infrastructure (Open Stack/Kubernetes), …
  • Juju in the commercial sector
  • Juju in the research sector
  • the new charming framework

What other topics would you like to see? What could you contribute?


Very interested! Where do we sign up?

Happy to send in some proposals in the areas of production usage, Ceph storage, OpenStack/HPC, university/research sector and developing charms.

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Any of these would be great! No official sign up form yet… but every comment on this thread makes the event more likely :wink:

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Very interesting idea. A couple of topics as food for thought:

  • Juju internals
  • Using juju at scale (perfomance tuning, pitfals, design, etc)
  • Writing production-grade charms (not k8s specific)
  • Juju relations with typical configuration management tools (complementary ? rivals ? use cases ?)
  • Extending Juju beyond Juju (ex. using juju for ansible dynamic inventories)

Very interested!

I would be more than happy to attend!

You @hallback ?