Refresh model after region changes


I have changed Cloud/Region names in the juju config files.
clouds.yaml and controllers.yaml

After a juju controllers --refresh, the controller is updated

Controller        Model    User              Access     Cloud/Region                  Models  Machines    HA  Version
maas-test*        default  admin             superuser  maas-test01/sssTest-1              2         4  none  2.5.2 

But the model is still showing the old info:

juju status
Model    Controller  Cloud/Region            Version  SLA          Timestamp
default  maas-test   maas-test01/sss-east-1  2.5.2    unsupported  13:34:26+02:00

Also new models created after controllers --refresh is geting the old Region name.

My question is:

  • Is there a way to refresh the models?
  • How to get the new region name in to models?


The controllers --refresh command pulls any new information from running controllers which you have access to and stores it locally, to refresh machine and model counts - it doesn’t send any info the other way.

What you want is to upgrade to the Juju 2.5.4 release which supports updating the information for a cloud managed by a running controller. Once you have updated the cloud/region names locally, you can run:
juju update-cloud -c <ctrlname> <cloudname>

Currently MAAS and Openstack are supported.