Promulgation request for nfs-ganesha charm


I’d like to request promulgation for cs:~nfs-ganesha-charmers/nfs-ganesha. This is an alternative to the existing nfs charm which uses the userspace NFS-Ganesha server instead of the Linux NFS kernel server. We’re considering using this as part of the backend.

I’ve unashamedly borrowed a good deal of its code from the nfs charm (which I’ve also contributed to in the past), but I’ve intentionally made this a separate charm: I think there may well still be good reasons to use the kernel server, and the configuration is unavoidably a bit different.

I haven’t yet done any HA/clustering work here, but have rather just copied the unit migration strategy from the nfs charm. Unlike the kernel server, though, that’s explicitly something that’s possible with NFS-Ganesha, so we may well want to look into this in future.


The permissions on the stable channel of cs:~nfs-ganesha-charmers/nfs-ganesha aren’t correct; it needs to be readable by everyone. Please check with charm show and add everyone with charm grant cs:~nfs-ganesha-charmers/nfs-ganesha --channel=stable --acl read everyone

Note: the candidate channel currently has the correct permissions, so you can ensure that it matches that.


Oops. Fixed, thanks.


No problem. Charm has been promulgated.