Promulgation request for mailman3 charms



Could I please get the following charms promulgated?

| cs:~mailman3-charmers/mailman3-core
| cs:~mailman3-charmers/mailman3-web

Both of these charms are used to deploy your own mailing list server, and is what we’re currently using in house.

With Mailman3, it’s split up into multiple components. We’ve done the same with ‘mailman3-core’ setting up the various core mailman3 pieces such as SMTP and LMTP for message acceptance, moderation, and other things.

“mailman3-web” is the archiver component setting up HyperKitty allowing users to view list archives.




This charm still has the readme.ex file which could be cleaned up and removed.

These are now promulgated and available at:


It’s also be great if some icons could be added to these.

Thanks for submitting these!

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