Promulgation request for bcache-tuning charm


I’d like to request promulgation for cs:~james-page/bcache-tuning-10 charm. This charm is used across many PCBs and would better be suited under the root namespace than a personal namespace.

Thank you


-1 - this charm needs a team owner before it can be promulgated.


Just checking in to see how I should move forward with request? Should I forward to internal team that will be owning this charm? Thanks


James is suggesting that the charm should be published under a team name with folks having access to that via LP group permissions. Then we’d promulgate the charm from that team namespace vs Jame’s personal one.

So to move forward you’d need to update the charm publish path, make sure it’s what is wanted, and update this request with the new URL.


Hi everyone,

This charm is now owned by the BootStack team. I have pushed an identical copy of the charm to our namespace, which is ready for promulgation - cs:~bootstack-charmers/bcache-tuning

Thank you


Thanks, this has been done: