Problems removing controller


ERROR getting controller environ: getting model config from API: no such request - method Controller.ModelConfig is not implemented (not implemented)

When trying to remove a controller, I get this error. Not sure what it means exactly


Hmm, this smells like something of a version issue. Can you specify what Juju version the controller is and what version the client is?

You can normally tell the controller version from juju status or show-controller and the client version from running juju --version.


@rick_h: I am not at the lab at this moment, but I know the controller is an earlier version than the running version.


@yuven we’ll probably need to get a bug filed please with the details so we can chase down the issue. What you’re attempting to do should work, but clearly it’s not and it should be corrected.


I will file a bugreport when I am at the lab on monday :slight_smile: