Operator-storage for dev environment on kubernetes-core


Hi all

What is the quickest way to set up an “operator-storage” pool on a kubernetes-core cluster for development and testing? The CDK cluster is running on a VMWare cluster. Setting up a Ceph cluster for this seems overkill for a dev environment. Is there a way to “trick” juju into using non-persistent storage as persistent storage?

$ juju deploy ~/builds/sse-consumer --resource mysql_image=mariadb --storage database=k8s-pool,10M
Deploying charm "local:kubernetes/sse-consumer-2".
ERROR deploying a Kubernetes application requires a storage pool called "operator-storage": pool "operator-storage" not found (not found)

Also related; is there a tutorial that explains all the steps required to go from a default cdk or kubernetes-core install to deploying kubernetes charms on it?

Juju operator storage

I think I found the solution. This tutorial sets up an “operator storage” pool with the disk of the worker as backend. This won’t work if you have multiple workers, though…