OpenStack on LXD Demo


Hi folks,

Bit of self promotion but also because I tried a whole bunch of OpenStack on LXD stuff and struggled to find one that worked until @beisner and @thedac pointed me to

As such, I figured I’d dump it into a video for people crawling youtube:

So thanks to everyone who made the LXD stuff work, we’ve been making great use of it recently.



Awesome - nice work!

Regarding the conjure-up approach: In the time since you ran into issues, we’ve been hammering pretty hard on it in a few different labs. Fixes have released in the conjure-up snap, and this week we’ll be releasing updates to the corresponding docs at, resolving multiple issues in that wizard-driven approach.

For perhaps the more nerdy among us, the charm-guide (long form procedure) is a fun journey.


Cool, i’ll give the conjure-up way another go next week and see how I fair. I do like the nerdy way, you learn a thing or 5 along the way.