Openstack Bundle & MAAS


Hello folks,

One for the brain trust.

I’m attempting to follow the bundle instructions as last time I deployed Openstack it wasn’t via Juju so this is a first time for Openstack and MAAS for me.

I have MAAS setup with 2 Fabrics on 2 nics.

The general idea is that public traffic flows into one subnet and internal traffic stays on the second subnet, much like the bundle seems to suggest.

But when I deploy it my LXD containers end up on the other subnet than the hosts. They currently can talk to one another but to me the logic seems wrong, shouldn’t they all end up in the same IP address space?

When its all bootstrapped it works okay, but it feels wrong.

I flipped the data-port in my bundle.yaml file but that just seemed to flip the ip addresses around so that the 10.x and 11.x ip’s were in a different place.

What black magic am I missing?


Hello there, if I am not mistaken I believe we discussed this in IRC channel #openstack-charmers on Freenode.

Was your deployment successful in the end?