Openstack Base Deployment Issue


Base 61, standard deployment via the juju deploy command. upon logging in, authentication to the domain is success, specifically the admin_domain domain created by default.

The current issue is although I am currently able to create new domains, which show in the horizon (openstack-dashboard) UI, when I go to create users or projects, or to assign a user to a project for that domain, it states that the user/project was successfully created, but does not show in the dashboard, making it impossible for me to create or utilize the openstack environment to any effective measure, at least not without putting everything into the admin domain, which would be dangerous.

Any advice for resolving this is most welcome.


Just a guess. If the user you create is on another than the one you are using, then you have to set the correct domain context. In the Horizon UI this can be done from the button “Set Domain Context” in Admin -> Domains section.


Im building them with the Context of the New domain applied, so that cannot be the issue. An item of interest though, once I create them with the context applied, I cannot seem them from any domain.