"Official" Kubernetes Charms


Hello folks,

Before we get too far down this path once again…

How are we handling recommended K8S charms? For example there are 4 different MariaDB K8S charms already… how to new people wanting to do Kubernetes on the platform know what to choose?

Before we have a huge amount of charms on the platform it feels like this needs addressing otherwise it just becomes a dumping ground like Dockerhub once more.



The current plan is that the Charm store is migrating to the Snap naming scheme. Which means everything ends up in a flat name space instead of per-user names. It means that there will only be one charm that can have the ‘most recognizable’ name. If that isn’t being the best maintained, then you get humans involved on taking over the name.

In the short term, we could use the same ‘promulgation’ mechanism, but only where there isn’t already a charm that has taken that name.


To make this more specific, Canonical’s snap team does maintain lots of authority over the namespace. So “getting humans involved” won’t mean waiting for months for an answer.

The process will get more refined over the next few months.

For the benefit of connecting dots, here is another thread discussing similar ideas: