Ntpmon offset


Is there a way to configure the maximum allowable offset in ntpmon? It seems to be hardcoded at 10 but in my environment, it seems to go to 15 or 18 quite often, so I’d like to set the upper limit to 20.

For now I have disabled the offset check completely

Still running xenial:
ntp 4.2.8p4+dfsg active 13 ntp jujucharms 17 ubuntu


Sorry to hear that you’re encountering trouble, Jeremy.

The general answer is to use juju run --application ntp -- <command>, where <command> is the shell command that you want to execute. That runs <command> on all 13 units in parallel.

The problem is, I don’t know what <command> should be. My understanding is that there are two utilities with the same name:

  • ntpmon is part of NTPsec, which doesn’t have any alerting functionality from what I can see.
  • ntpmon is bundled within the ntp charm. Its alertings thresholds seem to be percentiles, rather than the hard coded “10” that you mention

Perhaps @paulgear might have some suggestions?

How have you done this?

It sounds like a good idea would be to add stratum 2 time servers. That should prevent drifts like this from occurring.