NTP charm converted to reactive, chrony support added


Hi everyone,

For a while I’ve been working on converting the NTP charm to use charms.reactive and support chronyd on bionic. The code for this has been committed and the result is cs:ntp-29, currently released in the candidate channel.

Please note that if you’re using bionic, this will switch your NTP implementation from ntpd (which moved to universe as of bionic and no longer receives security support) to chronyd (which was included in main at bionic). Functionality should be the same with both implementations.

Please give the new version a test and let us know here or with a bug report if you notice any problems.


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I’d like to release this to stable by Monday 2018-10-08. If you rely on this charm, please test and let us know if you encounter any problems before then. :slight_smile:


cs:ntp-31, which has the changes from cs:ntp-29 plus cosmic support, has been released to the stable channel now. If you experience any problems with it, please let us know here or with a bug report.