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Hello everyone!

I am part of the design team working on JAAS. As some of you already noticed, today we rolled out a new version of the website with a new url, too: now redirects to as part of a bigger renovation planned for JAAS and Juju. This move also updates the technology used for the site and we’ve migrated the Juju GUI as a Flaskapp that allows us to deploy and update both the website and JAAS. With faster rollout we are now able to iterate and respond to your feedback and bug reports much more efficiently, inline with the infrastructure we use in our other Web Team sites.

You will find all your models still working and running under until we migrate the Juju GUI and model management bits to during the following months. All the links from Discourse posts and documentation pages should all redirect to the new site. comes with some new and better UI, with more patterns and elements from our open source Vanilla framework (more info here: We can’t wait to show you the great things this move will let us do going forward.

As always, if you hit any issues please reach out and let us know so we can address it. You can file bugs at / or reach out to us here in Discourse or #juju IRC channel.

Thank you!

WIP - Juju 2.6.1 Release Notes
Juju 2.6.1 Release Notes

Awesome, thanks for the details @gomboli. I’ve known some of this was coming for a bit but you all snuck the release right by me. Very cool to see it real and can’t wait to see what comes next!


Are you bringing over the issues from


I’ll bring that up. Some won’t apply with new stack and design but it’s definitely something that should be gardened through. @gomboli @anthonydillon


Yes, we actively tracking that issue list. The aim/plan is to work through those issues with the new redesign, which is forthcoming. Once we are satisfied we will move the remaining issues to the new repo. The new repo contains the codebase for the site and therefore will help reports tie more closely to the code plus we would be happy to receive PRs.


are you using a juju kubernetes cloud and caas charms?


Btw I am now receiving a security warning visiting that means I can’t reach our unit tests. @gomboli is it possible to have this looked at?


thank you for pointing this out @timClicks, I’m going to report this


Hi @timClicks I spoke with IS and they told me the best would be to open a RT with them ( so that they can investigate this issue. It seems working with http, but not in https. I assume it was working before?


Yes, the and web frontends are now hosted using the Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes but they’re not yet using any Kubernetes charms.