New 2.5 feature: Charm support for LXD profiles


Now that 2.5 is released I’d like to call out some of the new features for
those who haven’t been following the development this cycle.

In this post I’ll be covering Charm support for LXD profiles.

Charm support for LXD profiles

Juju now supports charms that include a LXD profile. A profile is applied to
the LXD container that the charm is deployed into, thus allowing that container
to be customised at a low level. Some hardcoded security checks are applied
automatically when such a charm is deployed and profile information is exposed
at the machine level with the status and show-machine commands.

An example of a charm that utilises a LXD profile is Neutron Openvswitch. The
profile is always found in file lxd-profile.yaml. In this case its contents refers
to kernel modules:

  linux.kernel_modules: openvswitch,ip_tables,ip6_tables

See Charms and LXD profiles for guidance.