Magnum charm support


Hello, is there any reason why Magnum charm is not in juju charm store? I would like to create a kubernetes cluster on Openstack and it is very strange that juju doesn’t support this charm


Any help answers here? :slight_smile:


Which is the “Magnum charm” that you are referring to?


This one


I see. Probably because the author hasn’t submitted it to the charm store. Perhaps raise an issue in that Github repository? You can also clone it and deploy it as a local charm.


I understand, but it is interesting why it is not published by an openstack-charmer publisher. It could be very useful and there would be probably reliably connected to openstack-base charm structure

Even more intriguing for me is Openstack Zun container service. Does juju team have plans to support Zun?


@james-page or @beisner are probably best placed to answer that question.


A magnum charm would be more than welcome as part of the OpenStack charms project if the author would like to contribute and then maintain the magnum charm going forward.

I don’t think there is anyone within the existing community of developers who is using magnum which is probably why its not happened as part of this project yet.


I know that it is a different topic, but is there any way to deploy Zun to an openstack-base installation I know that there is no Zun in Juju charm store for today, but I would like to have some openstack container as a service in my cluster :slight_smile: