LXD woes


I came back to a MAAS model today running Openstack and it says…

0/lxd/0 started juju-131c9e-0-lxd-0 bionic default cannot upgrade machine's lxd profile: CharmProfileChangeInfo (not supported)

Can someone decode that for me?

I did an upgrade-controller and since discovering this I’ve upgraded the model. They did go from error to started state on the model upgrade, but the message persists.


Hmm, I thought the issue was that you had to upgrade the controller, then the model, and get the model upgrade done before you could upgrade the charm. Once the model’s upgraded you should be ok.

Can you gather the controller/model version info?


Controller and model on 2.6.6


@magicaltrout so the error message can be ignored once you’ve upgraded like @rick_h said. I’m just ensuring that message should go away in the code.


@magicaltrout, were there any errors in the model upgrade? You’ll see that message if the machine 0 agent is old after the controller upgrade. Are there any error messages indicating that there was an upgrade failure on that machine?


Hey folks,

Nothing failed and everything seems fine. I also deployed some other LXD containers on the same model that just report like usual. Looks like the message didn’t get reset on the upgrade.


Thanks, sounds like we can peek at the error clearing bits there but fortunately no issues in operations. I wonder if a charm upgrade would kick that through. Let us know if you hit anything else strange in there.