Layer-apt Documentation


Searching for the layer-apt documentation took me along this path:
Juju docs for layers > Juju layer index > Layer Apt LP repo > Layer-apt master branch > Layer Apt master branch tree > layer-apt
The resulting view is unparsed MD. I guess this is auto-mirrored from Github or vice/versa?
Carrying on, at the bottom of the unparsed readme are several links, which aren’t parsed so not clickable. One looks promising: Switch to the overview tab > Hey, there’s a link to a Github repo > Result! A nice formatted readme file for charm authors looking to understand layer-apt is a mere 9 clicks away :smiley:

I suggest perhaps linking to the gh repo from the layer index?


Assuming @stub is comfortable with this, I’m +1 to making the GitHub repo the one the layer index uses to improve the doc experience.

I would also like to see the experience for Launchpad-hosted layers be improved, but I think that will entirely depend on Launchpad growing some of the features that GitHub has, such as rendering Markdown.