Keystone Charm Stuck in "hook failed: "shared-db-relation-changed"" State


Hi Everyone! So, I’ve been playing with Juju for a few days now, trying to get a Swift storage environment set up as a POC. When trying to add in Keystone and Percona-Cluster charms for the identity service, the Keystone charm is getting stuck at “hook failed: “shared-db-relation-changed””, and stays in an error state. This is an output of the debug logs when it tries to “migrate DBs” to the new DB service.

Does anyone have any idea what went wrong here, how to fix it, or at a minimum how to remove it to try again? I can’t even remove the application at this point, it just returns:

:/$ juju remove-application keystone --force
removing application keystone failed: cannot destroy application “keystone”: state changing too quickly; try again soon

Any insight out there?



Sorry you ran into problems. For some reason keystone is failing to reach the DB. Here are a few things to try and a few requests for information to help troubleshoot further.

Note replace the ‘0’ with whatever the current unit number is in the examples bellow.

First let’s try retrying the hook on keystone:

juju resolved keystone/0

If that errors out again, we need to dig into why keystone cannot reach the DB. Please check /var/log/keystone/keystone.log which should have some hints.

Ultimately this is a bug for us. We should never get into a hook error. If you don’t mind gathering some information let’s start a bug at
juju status
/etc/keystone configs
/var/log/keystone and /var/log/juju logs
From percona-cluster
/etc/mysql configs
/var/log/mysql and /var/log/juju logs

A bug is a better forum for further troubleshooting.


Alright, bug has been opened, here it is.

Hopefully this can benefit others as well.